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#1 Post by romanD » Wed Mar 16, 2005 4:11 am

Hi, finally I got my DVD of KUNG FU HUSTLE from

I understand that the movie comes out soon in limited release in the US at the movies, but for those who want to check it out earlier, I can only recommend cd-wow. It's pretty cheap (though there is a limiteed box set which loks cool, but is too expensive for me for only one movie).

It a martial-arts comedy like I've never seen before. From the makers of SHAOLIN SOCCER, but much much better.
It's about two clans - one kind of a mafia gang, the other a group of peasants living peacefully on a farm. In between is a moron, who wants to be a gangster, but has a heart of gold... not really the best characteristic to become a true mafia gangster.
The mafia wants the farm and invades it constantly with all kinds of tricks and gadgets and magic. In the end our hero has to decide which side he is one...
That's pretty much it. And I would say that is the only bad thing about the movie, the lack of a decent story. But this movie is done so artistically, is one of the funniest things I've seen in years, the martial arts is fantastic, though never taken serious, the look is impressive (was this the most expensive movie from China?), SFX are plentiful and really cool and imaginative, great music (Varese releases the album this month), hilarious characters, great pace...

It is like a martial arts movie done by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, throw in some LOTR effects (the undead soldiers flying in the air are incredible) and hilariously used surround sound, matrix reloaded fight sequences, ac ool dance sequence for the introduction of the gangster gang (have never seen an introduction like this before) road runner-chase sequences (sic!) and you get the idea...

It's really a hilarious movie and I can't recommend it enough.

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