The Art of John Alvin review

johnalvin_largeTitan Books celebrates the legacy of the late John Alvin, who designed some of the most memorable and “iconic” movie posters, in the gorgeous new THE ART OF JOHN ALVIN hardcover book.blade-runner-movie-poster

Filled with remembrances from Alvin’s wife and daughter, the book traces the development of Alvin’s career from his work on Brian DePalma’s PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE to the summer of ’82, when Alvin designed the posters for E.T. THE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL (with unused concepts shown for the first time) and BLADE RUNNER. Designs for THE GOONIES, EMPIRE OF THE SUN, THE LOST BOYS, WILLOW, CAPE FEAR, STAR TREK VI (in the style of Robert Peak), and ample work for Disney (BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, ALADDIN) are all profiled with commentary on each design. url

Not only is the tome a testament to Alvin’s artistry, but it also — regrettably — traces the downfall of the artist-rendered one-sheet. By the time Alvin worked on JURASSIC PARK, most of his designs were vetoed in favor of “compiled” imagery that would lay the groundwork for the kinds of nondescript, Photoshopped products we mostly today in movie marketing.empire_of_the_sun_xlg

A must for movie buffs, now available from Titan at vendors everywhere.JPcomp_large